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  1. For Life™ Diet Plan

    For Life™ Diet Plan

    The For Life™ Diet Plan was designed especially for post-operative bariatric patients who may have regained weight or have not reached their weight-loss goal and need to “get back on track”.

    Learn More

  2. Bariatric Fusion® Mini Shaker

    Bariatric Fusion® Mini Shaker

    Finally a 25-ounce shaker bottle made by Bariatric Fusion. It is a perfect fit for those looking for a more convenient/smaller cup that only needs to hold a small volume of liquid or fit into a tighter spot. Learn More

  3. Bariatric Fusion® Exercise Band

    Bariatric Fusion® Exercise Band

    BF-15X was designed for those looking to achieve their fitness goals. It’s a safe and effective program that will burn calories while improving strength and stamina. Learn More

  4. Bariatric Fusion® Multifunctional Pedometer

    Bariatric Fusion® Multifunctional Pedometer

    Multifunctional pedometer with stylish clear casing. Measures steps, distance and calories burned. Input user's stride length for extra accuracy. Top view LCD display. Tracks up to 99,999 steps. Energy saving auto shut off and idle mode. Button cell battery inserted. Learn More

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